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Izumi Japanese restaurant
SUshi Train​

If decision making isn’t your strong suit and menus give you anxiety, then sushi trains (or Kaiten sushi) are for you. You’ll have to be a little more adventurous and perhaps eat a couple of mystery items, but it’s ok, we promise. 

Your new go-to for satisfying all your Japanese cravings. As well as the fact we have a sushi train, we also serve sashimi, tempura, donburi and udon. The sweet and savoury side options include miso, edamame and green tea ice cream and much more. We also serve authentic drinks, so if you're feeling like some feremented rice (a.k.a. sake) this is the place for you.


Hint: Most of the seats on Sushi train are individual counter seat, if you are unable to book the number of people for your group (e.g. fully book or no seats available on our booking link), please try to make individual bookings for each person in your group.



Breakfast: Japanese style breakfast, served on bullet train


Lunch and Dinner: Japanese Sushi Train and other options including Sashimi, Tempura, Danburi, Ramen, Udon, and sweet and savoury.



Check out our range of Sushi Platters and Sashimi Platters made fresh in-store perfect for any occasions such as office meetings, family gatherings and birthday parties! 

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Restaurant Soft opening 
17 January 2023
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